About Us


Park-N-Go is so much more than just a convenient location to park your car at the Dayton International Airport. We’ve gone above and beyond to exceed all of our clients’ expectations by focusing on hospitality, making everything as easy as possible, ensuring you and your vehicle’s comfort, and being the most affordable parking option that improves the airport traveling experience.

Our new management team took over in 2004, and since then Park-N-Go has become the leading near-airport parking provider in the Dayton area, providing both Smart Economy and Valet parking options.

We are also proud to employ some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Our average employee is retired after a 20-30 year career doing something else, but they love working at Park-N-Go because of all the customers they meet and the relationships they build and maintain over the years.   

Throughout the past two decades we’ve come to know the Dayton community very well and have developed countless client relationships with individuals, families, corporate entities and all different types of frequent flyers. Continuously improving our client relationships and overall satisfaction is what has always been most important to us, which is why we’ve developed the following amenities to help set our organization apart from our more conventional airport parking competitors:

Car Wash, Vacuum and/or Full Detailing Available

VALET ONLY… We offer a variety of Wash and Detailing options.   See our SERVICES page for various options to get your car looking great.  We can even do oil changes or take your vehicle to the dealer for other repairs!

Winter Warm-Up & Snow Removal

VALET ONLY… The winters in Dayton can be somewhat treacherous, so if you’re flying home into a storm you won’t have to worry about getting rid of any snow or ice from your windshield and windows. Our team will always be able to prepare your vehicle based upon your arrival time, so coming in from the
cold has never been warmer!

Summer A/C Cool Down

VALET ONLY… Just like the winters, Dayton’s summers can be really warm. Leaving your vehicle in a parking lot for multiple days at a time will inevitably lead to a hot interior, but when you park with Park-N-Go you can be rest assured that your car will be waiting for you at an ideal temperature.

Wash/Vacuum/Wax & Details Available

Part of what truly sets Park-N-Go apart from anyone in the Dayton International Airport area is our commitment to providing unbridled cleaning and detailing services. We understand how so many frequent flyers are simply too busy to get their vehicle professionally cleaned during regular business hours, so we’ve made it easy for you to get these types of cleaning services while you’re out of town!


Oil Change and Local Mechanic Services Available

The same goes for regular tune-ups and oil changes, because busy professionals simply just don’t have the time during business hours. One of the best perks of parking with Park-N-Go is that we’ll handle any mechanical services your vehicle needs so you’re still maintaining productivity at home while you’re traveling.

24-Hour Fast Shuttle Service

We’ve made sure to hire the best shuttle drivers in the Dayton area, and it certainly has provided an added bonus for our clients as compared to conventional shuttle lot parking options. You can count on our drivers getting you to and from the terminal within about 4 minutes, and that you’ll never have to wait more than a couple minutes for the next shuttle no matter what time it is!


Valet Luggage Assistance

All our clients don’t have to worry about carrying their luggage in and out of our shuttles, because this service is part of our driver’s responsibilities. We know how uncomfortable and even physically taxing it can be to pick up large luggage bags, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entirety of your experience with us!


Tire/Battery Emergency Services

You’ll be surprised by just how often we experience one of our clients having car trouble when they arrive back from their trip, and in the past this would have been a really big bummer. But when you park with Park-N-Go you can be rest assured that our team will be there for you no matter what time it is to fix any battery or tire issues you may be experiencing!


AAA, Military and Corporate Discounts

We’ve always prided ourselves upon providing very affordable rates and unmatched services as compared to the rest of the airport parking industry, and our prices only get better with a whole variety of discounts!



Reach Out To The Park-N-Go Team To Learn More About How Our Services Are The Very Best At The Dayton International Airport!

We’ve certainly come a long way as a company since our beginnings in 2004, and this is because we’ve always taken it as a part of our own responsibilities to maintain innovation and continuously improve the services that we know assist the overall customer experience.


Always feel free to reach out to us online to get in touch with our team and learn more about how parking with Park-N-Go truly is the best option at the Dayton International Airport!

Park-N-Go is a proud member of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. Here’s a link to our page there.

We have earned an A+ rating from the Dayton Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Parking Association.