Barbara H

“We are repeat customers. We used their valet service. Left our car at their front door and rode their shuttle to the airport door. When we flew back after our trip, I sent them a text. They picked us up quickly. Our car was ready and WARM! Love the service. So convenient. Great price.” – Barbara H.

Myra M

“I love the convenience! It’s so nice to pull up at the valet parking and be taken to the terminal, I text them when my plane lands, walk out of the airport and get on the shuttle. My car is warm and ready to go. It takes all the hassle out of traveling. I ended up on a flight coming home with my colleagues. I got home about 30 minutes earlier than they did since they had to walk to their cars, clean the snow off and warm them up. What’s not to love?” – Myra M.

Westwind Merger

May 1, 2017 Park-N-Go Airport Parking and Westwind Airport Valet Have Merged NOTE: WESTWIND LIMOUSINE is still in business at 937-898-9000. They are not affiliated with Park-N-Go. I am pleased to announce that Park-N-Go Airport Parking, Inc. (PNG), and Westwind Airport Valet (WW) have merged. Effective today, May 1, Westwind Airport Valet will be known as Park-N-Go Airport Parking. The consolidation of our companies will continue to provide high quality self and valet parking and supplemental vehicle services to our customers. At the core of both businesses is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative as the ONLY premiere off-site airport parking provider in Dayton, Ohio! Our merger will bring both teams of employees together, focused on you, our customer, and your needs as you begin and end your journeys, whether for business or pleasure – a fast and friendly experience awaits! Our services will continue to include: • Self-parking option • Valet parking • Cleaning services • Supplemental vehicle maintenance with our authorized partners As we combine our businesses, your customer, vehicle, rate, loyalty rewards points and discount information have been securely transferred to PNG to ensure a seamless (and PCI-compliant) transition. Please note the following: • PNG rewards points are worth $10 each. WW points are $1 each. We will convert your WW points to PNG points automatically. Your corresponding number of “free days earned” will remain the same. While the number of points may differ, the value of your transferred points from WW to PNG will be equivalent. • PNG will transfer and honor WW discounts and rates until further notice • We will accept previously purchased WW Groupons until further notice • PNG does not currently offer indoor parking for its customers. If/when this option becomes available, we will notify all of our valued customers. We will do our best to earn and retain your business, and I hope that I can depend upon your continued commitment as we join forces. On your next trip, please check in at the 1140 W. National facility, next to Joseph Airport Toyota. MOVED to 2700 W National Rd, Dayton OH 45414 (next to the old Westwind building) as of August 1, 2018. Sincerely, Brian West, President Park-N-Go Airport Parking, Inc. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: What customer data has been shared with Park-N-Go? A: Since both Westwind and Park-N-Go utilize the same secure cloud-based revenue control system, we were able to securely transfer your customer, vehicle, discount and custom rate information to the new system. This will make your check-in and check-out process seamless and easy. Credit card data remains securely stored at the PCI-compliant card processor. Neither Westwind nor Park-N-Go has access to your credit card number – only the last 4 digits. From a security standpoint, nothing has changed, and your data remains secure. Q: What about my loyalty rewards points? Do I lose them? A: No, of course not! You earned them, and Park-N-Go will honor them. We are transferring all customer loyalty points to the Park-N-Go system. Honoring those points is good business and has always been part of our transition plan. As mentioned above, we use the same cloud-based revenue control system so this transfer is seamless and totally secure. PNG rewards points are worth $1.00 each. WW points are $0.10 each. We will convert your WW points to PNG points automatically. Your corresponding number of “free days earned” will remain the same. While the number of points may differ, the value of your transferred points from WW to PNG will be equivalent. If you had 7 days of free parking at Westwind, you’ll have 7 days of free parking at Park-N-Go. By the way, Park-N-Go was the first to offer rewards points for airport parking in Dayton. We set the standard. Q: I love getting my car washed or serviced while out of town. Can I still do that at Park-N-Go? A: Yes! Park-N-Go has offered car wash and other vehicle services for over 25 years. Q: I have 2 unused Groupon coupons for Westwind. Will these be honored at PNG? A: Yes, PNG will honor your previously-purchased Westwind Groupon vouchers. Q: Will there still be limousines? A: No, Park-N-Go has a fleet of Red 14-passenger shuttle buses which offer greater capacity for luggage and travelers. And since we typically have 2 shuttles running, pickup at the airport should be quicker than before. Q: Do I need to make reservations at Park-N-Go? A: Reservations are never required at PNG. Since we already have your customer data in the system, it’s actually faster without the reservation. If you are a new customer, check-in only takes a couple minutes. If you prefer to make a reservation anyway, reservations are available here on our web site. Q: What if I already have a reservation at Westwind? What do I do? A: Please come to Park-N-Go and we will honor your reservation there. I hope we can earn your continued business.


“Park-N-Go is a convenient, efficient and economical way to park for business and personal travel. Employees are friendly, professional and always responsive.” – Frank


“Brian and his team take great care of you… If there are any issues or problems they will ensure to go out of their way to help you. I will forever take my cars here based on the experience over time with them.” – Andrew