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At Dayton International Airport
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is parking at Dayton Airport?

How much does it cost a day to leave a car at airport?

How much is parking per day at Park-N-Go?

Park-N-Go Full-Service Valet: $12/day, with AAA and Military discounts available
Park-N-Go Economy: $6.99/day with free shuttle

Do I need a reservation?

Making a prepaid reservation will speed up your check-in and check-out, but it is not required. You can just show up and we’ll take great care of you and shuttle you to Dayton International Airport. You can also calculate a quote prior to your trip.

What’s the difference between Valet and Economy parking?

Economy customers go through the gate and find a space in the back of the lot. The bus picks you up at your car and takes you to the airport. When you return, the bus takes you into the back of the lot and drops you off at your vehicle. You pay the exit station and the gate raises for you to leave.

Valet customers pull up to the front door, and check in at the front desk with my driver/clerk. While you are gone, you have the option of having your car washed, detailed or other services like oil change. When you return, we have your car sitting out front, with receipt inside and ready to go. In winter time, we have removed all snow and preheated the vehicle for you. It’s awesome service in very hot or cold weather, or year-round, and is very popular with business travelers. People who park with us often have their info and credit car on file, so their checkin takes about 15 seconds, and we have the receipt waiting in their car when they return. We also have AAA, military and corporate discounts available for valet customers, and they earn Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for free parking, car wash or other services.

Will I need to pay for parking in advance or when I return to Dayton?

Either way! We know that some trips can be unpredictable. Reservations are prepaid, or you can just show up and take a ticket, then pay when you get back.

Aside from parking, what other services do you offer?

24 hour Shuttle & Luggage Assistance
Tire & Battery Emergency Service
Warm Up & Snow Removal
Electric Vehicle EV Charging
AAA, Military and Corp Discounts

I’m a frequent flyer. Do you have a rewards program?

Yes, we do, and it’s 10x better than our competition! You can redeem points for free parking, car wash, wax or full detailing. Check out our Rewards page for more information!

How much is parking per day at Dayton International Airport?

You can view their current rates here. As of 7/18/20 their rates were:
Valet: $24.00/day
Garage: $20.00/day
Short-Term: $18.00/day
Long-Term: $14.00/day, $9.95 COVID special
Compare to…
… Park-N-Go…
… only $12/day
#AWESOME Services

What are your hours?

Park-N-Go never closes. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — 366 days a year in 2020 and any other leap years! We are always here to take great care of you and your vehicle. NOTE, during COVID we have been staying open until last flight (Midnight to 1am typically), then re-opening at 4am daily.

How far is your lot from the Airport?

We are located at 1140 W National Rd, next to Airport Toyota, just 1/2 mile east of Terminal Drive and a short 4 minute shuttle ride to the front door, and you don’t have to waste time looking for a parking space.

What is considered long term parking at an airport?

Long term parking is any time frame over 24 hours. Rates are always considerably lower than short term parking rates. In addition, we have lots of amenities to ensure you and your car leave healthy and happy.

How does the shuttle work? How often does it circulate?

Our shuttle runs “on demand”, meaning you need to call to let us know when you are ready to be picked up. Dayton International Airport isn’t busy enough for it to make sense for us to drive around in circles all day, so we are typically waiting at our parking lot for new check-ins. When you arrive at our lot, the shuttle should be there to pick you up. If not, our system automatically sends a text alert to the shuttle driver. In addition, you may call 937-890-7275 to confirm their location. When you return to Dayton International Airport, give us a call 5 minutes before you are ready to be picked up.

Why do I need to call if I already told you what time I’m returning to the airport?

That’s a common question. About 25% of our customers don’t show up on time, whether it’s a missed connection or late flight. Even if you make the flight, and it’s exactly on time, there are a few other variables. How many customers did we have on that flight? Did one of you stop at the bathroom? Does someone walk faster than you? Did you carry on or check your bags? Are there baggage claim delays? Given all of this, it really is best for you to call us so we know you’re ready, and how many people we are waiting to pick up.

Can I leave my car at your facility for a week or longer?

Absolutely! Generally, it is much cheaper to park your vehicle at an off-site airport parking facility like Park-N-Go than it is to park in the airport parking lots. Staying for a month or longer? Ask about our SNOWBIRD special!

How secure will my car be while I am away?

We have a over 20 security cameras, 24-hour staffing on premises, plus periodic drive-thru inspections by Vandalia Police. Feel secure knowing that your vehicle will be monitored every moment that you are away, and that you’ll never be alone in a dark parking lot.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

Our web site goes into much more detail about our services. Feel free to explore. You can call us night or day. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at 937.890.7275 or