Karen H

“Delta Airlines could use a class from Park N Go on customer service. PNG couldn’t do enough for us – I was traveling with my Mom who is in a wheelchair, they absolutely darn near stood on their heads to help and accommodate us. Loved them!!!” — Karen H.

Estelle J

“I have used Park-N-Go on several occasions and continue to return to them when I travel to and from the Dayton airport. Their service is phenomenal, reliable, affordable, and their staff is as friendly and helpful as can be. I recommend their service to everyone! They make my traveling experience hassle free.” – Estelle J.

Marta R

“I am so grateful for Park-N-Go, it certainly makes getting in and out of the airport a breeze. The staff is prompt and kind and ready to help! I have parked in both, the main lot, and I have also used their valet service. It is nice to come home and have a warm car ready to go, especially in the cold winter months. Thank you!” — Marta R

Lori C

“When it’s 7 degrees there is nothing like a warmed car with no ice and snow to scrape. Receipt is already in car, just get in and go. And had the oil changed. Been using them for years. 5 stars.” – Lori C

Clayton B

“Park-N-Go makes my travel parking stress free. The service is friendly. And knowing that my car will be ready for me no matter what time of year… is great, whether I’m traveling for business or with my family of 5. Keep up the good work.” – Clayton B

Patti V

“I cannot say enough about the valet parking at Park-N-Go. They detailed my car (which was full of dog hair) and had the car warm and ready to go when I got there. My car interior looked brand new. Thank you guys!!” – Patti V

Barbara H

“We are repeat customers. We used their valet service. Left our car at their front door and rode their shuttle to the airport door. When we flew back after our trip, I sent them a text. They picked us up quickly. Our car was ready and WARM! Love the service. So convenient. Great price.” – Barbara H.