Long-term car parking at the airport can be awkwardly expensive. The parking option refers to leaving the car at the parking space for extended periods. Long-term parking is ideal for people who want to leave their cars behind for a long time – it is cheaper than parking at the airport.

What makes airport parking expensive?

Security services

The security of the car is paramount to having a high-ranking raking space. The Dayton airport long term parking rates will be a reflection of the services available. Protection of the parked cars is dependent on the following features:

Some airport car parking services will provide car searching services when the vehicle is reported missing. The heightened sense of security causes an equivalent rise in rates.

Type of parking

Parking lots vary in charges, depending on their nature.

How to reduce car-parking services


Car parking services that have premises next to the airport will have exceedingly high rates. Off-site locations are relatively cheaper because they do not generate hundreds of parking requests in a week. Choosing a parking space that is at a five minutes’ drive from the airport will reduce the parking and transportation charges.

Find deals

Online portal like Dayton parking has regular parking offers. Keep checking for more lucrative deals days before your flight date. These slashes could save you hundreds of dollars if you want to leave your car for an extended period.

Use a car service

Parking within on the grounds of the airport is safe and secure when you want to get back home after a long trip. The only downside is that it is more expensive than hiring a car parking service. Instead of paying for a single hour, the car service will accept payment as a one-time payment. Long-term travelers will find it easier to leave their car in a safe environment for an affordable fee.

Book a spot

Prebooking the parking lot is a sure way of saving you the extra additions that are present when you book on the day you leave. Dayton airport long term parking rates are considerably low, allowing you to escape the premium rates on the actual travel day.

Earn rewards

Long-term clients of Dayton parking are eligible for parking rewards. Those small deductions add up to a decent saving in the end. Long-term parking is bound to receive more substantial offers. Check with your parking service about the possibility of becoming a premium member and other avenues in which you can reduce the parking rates while using the service for a long time.