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Airport Parking

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4.9-star rated with ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ reviews from over 1350 loyal customers.

Conveniently located at 1140 W National Rd, next to Airport Toyota

Fast 4-minute Shuttle runs 4am – 1am/last flight.

Friendly door-to-door service. We even carry your bags!

Reservations are not required, but it's nice to know you have a spot waiting 🙂

The Dayton Airport opens daily at 4am. No need to book earlier. Our shuttle starts at 4am.


Economy SelfPark

Was $7.99/day, NOW ONLY

$6.99/day +tax

Enter gate & park your car

Touchless Smart Parking

Fast 4-minute Shuttle Service
Door-to-Door before you Soar
Luggage Assistance
Tire/Battery Emergency Service


Full-Service Valet

Was $12/day, PREPAY ONLY

$9.99/day +tax

Park at our front door
WARMUP & Snow Removal
Summer A/C Cool Down
Wash/Vac/Wax/Detail available
 Fast 4-minute Shuttle Service
Luggage Assistance
Tire/Battery Emergency Service


Premium Upgrades

Available for VALET Customers

starting at just $29

Interior or Exterior Detail
Full In/Out Detailing
Reg/Synthetic Oil Change
Local Mechanic & Dealership Maintenance and Repairs
EV – Electric Vehicle Charging

Rewards Points earn FREE parking and other services.

4 Minutes To The Terminal From Airport Parking With Shuttle Service!

Park-N-Go stands out as the premier choice for Dayton airport parking, especially at Dayton International Airport. We excel in providing secure and convenient airport parking with shuttle service, making your journey a breeze.

Located just outside the terminal at 1140 West National Road, right next to Airport Toyota, Park-N-Go ensures that you’re just a swift 4-minute shuttle ride away from the airport.

Our complimentary shuttle service operates from 4 AM to 1 AM, ensuring you’re never left in the lurch, even if your flight arrives late. We take pride in offering a helping hand with your luggage, making sure you reach the terminal swiftly and without any hassle.

Our primary mission is to provide the best customer service possible, and our numerous online ratings and testimonials confirm that our customers love Park-N-Go for Dayton International Airport parking.

Many have voiced that they won’t park at the airport again after experiencing the speed and convenience we provide. It’s no secret that Park-N-Go is the go-to choice for Dayton airport parking.

While the airport’s parking lots may seem closer, Park-N-Go’s customers consistently report faster, more convenient service. Our lot may not be officially part of the airport property, but it guarantees a more efficient journey to your check-in or security gate with our industry.-leading services.

Additionally, please be informed that our second location at 2700 W National Road is now permanently closed, as it has been sold to a gas station operator.

When you think of Dayton airport parking, think of Park-N-Go for a reliable, hassle-free experience at Dayton International Airport.

Making Dayton International Airport Parking Easy

At Park-N-Go, we take pride in providing exceptional Dayton International Airport parking solutions. Our convenient location and wide range of amenities make us the preferred choice for travelers seeking hassle-free parking.

Here’s what you can expect when you park with us:

  • Prime Location Our lot is strategically positioned right across the street from the airport runways, ensuring a swift and efficient transition from parking to the terminal.
  • Traffic Relief Say goodbye to heavy airport traffic. Our lot is situated in a less congested area, saving you time and frustration.
  • On-Demand Shuttle Our 24/7 On-Demand shuttle service is ready to transport you to and from the airport whenever needed. You won’t have to wait long to begin your journey.
  • Efficient Shuttle Our friendly shuttle drivers are always ready to assist you. They will load your luggage and get you to the terminal in just 4 minutes.
  • Two-Parking Options Choose from the parking options – Economy and Valet. Both include a parking space in our secure lot, a 24/7 Fast Service Shuttle to and from the airport and help with your luggage.
  • Valet Perks Opt for valet parking, and you’ll enjoy full valet parking at the Airport, including vehicle warm-up and snow removal during winter.
  • Emergency Services We’ve got you covered with tire and battery emergency services, ensuring you have a smooth journey.
  • Park-N-Go Rewards   As a Park-N-Go rewards member, you’ll earn points on your parking, which can be redeemed for free services, making your travel even more cost-effective.

    When it comes to Dayton airport parking, Park-N-Go offers an unparalleled level of convenience and service.

    We’ve earned our reputation as the leader in Dayton International Airport parking through high client satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals. Most of our clients have discovered us through friends who rave about our exceptional services.

    We understand that the customer experience is paramount when it comes to airport parking. Park-N-Go is committed to exceeding your expectations and maintaining high standards to provide high-quality, affordable travel experiences in and out of Dayton.

Enjoy And Relax In Airport Parking With Shuttle Service

When you choose Park-N-Go for your Dayton International Airport parking needs, you’re in for a remarkable experience. With a range of services and amenities, we have set us apart from other parking lots.

Here is what to expect when you park with us:

  • Affordable Rates  We provide Dayton International Airport parking at competitive and budget-friendly rates, ensuring your travel doesn’t break the bank. Also, we offer coupons for airport parking, allowing you to save even more on your parking expenses.
  • Smart Parking Options You can choose between our smart economy self-park and full-service valet services, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Smart Park System You can simply pull up, and our system will automatically check you in based on your reservation as the gate is raised, saving you valuable time.
  • Efficient Shuttle Our friendly shuttle drivers are always ready to assist you. They will load your luggage and get you to the terminal in just 4 minutes.
  • Two-Parking Options Choose from the parking options – Economy and Valet. Both include a parking space in our secure lot, a 24/7 Fast Service Shuttle to and from the airport and help with your luggage.
  • 24/7 Fast Shuttle Service We provide luggage assistance and ensure a swift transfer to airline check-in, making your journey seamless.
  • Valet Perks Our valet service includes premium add-ons, such as car wash, oil change, and full detailing while you’re away. Our valet services also include warm-up and snow removal during the winter months.

    In essence, Park-N-Go is committed to elevating our services to maintain our status as the premium parking option for Dayton’s travelers.

    By combining affordability and top-notch service, we aim to make you reconsider parking in the “walking” lots at the airport.

    Our commitment to every customer has set us apart since our establishment in the 80s. And thanks to you, we are growing every day while providing the best Dayton airport parking experience possible.

Park-N-Go Dayton: Fast, Easy & Built For Business

We cater to a wide range of travelers, including business professionals, families, and recreational travelers, offering services that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Here are the convenience and efficiency that sets us apart when you choose to park with us:

  • Business-Traveler-Focused  Our services are tailored to provide business travelers with a swift and hassle-free experience.
  • Fast Check-In Experience lightning-fast check-in, saving you valuable time and ensuring a smooth start to your journey.
  • Emailed Receipts Enjoy the convenience of emailed receipts, simplifying your expense reporting process.
  • Rewarding Loyalty Being our customer, you’ll earn reward points that can be redeemed for free parking or even full detailing services.
  • Corporate Rates We offer corporate rates to businesses in the Dayton area, making it even more cost-effective for companies and their employees to choose us.
  • Family And Recreational Traveler-Friendly Our services aren’t just for business travelers. Families and recreational travelers will also find a safe and reliable parking experience, ensuring a stress-free start to their journeys.

    At Park-N-Go, we are dedicated to making your travel moments more enjoyable and relaxing, regardless of who you are and why you are headed out. We aim to provide a secure, efficient, and cost-effective Dayton airport parking experience for all types of travelers.

Keep Yourself Safe With Park-And-Go In Dayton, Ohio

At Park-N-Go, we’re at your service 24/7, ensuring you and your vehicle are well taken care of.

Day or night, you never have to worry about being stranded with a snow-covered car, a dead battery, or a flat tire. We’re here to provide peace of mind and assistance whenever you need it.

When you choose to park SMART at Park-N-Go, you’re making a smart choice for the safety and security of your vehicle while you’re away.

Unlike standard airport parking lots or garages, we have a team of well-trained experts who genuinely care about the security and well-being of our client’s vehicles. With us, your car is in good hands.

Our clients often find themselves in unexpected situations when they return to Dayton after their business or recreational trips. That’s precisely why we have assembled a dedicated team who are always ready to assist you when the unexpected happens.

Choose Parl-N-Go for your Dayton airport parking needs and experience the difference of parking with a team that cares about your safety and convenience.

We’re here to ensure you have a stress-free and secure parking experience at Dayton International Airport.

Touchless Smart Parking With Dayton Airport Parking

At Park-N-Go, we prioritize the safety and convenience of our customers. That’s why we’ve introduced the Smartest Economy lot in Ohio, featuring cutting-edge technology for an effortless parking experience at Dayton International Airport.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • License Plate Recognition  Our state-of-the-art license plate recognition software automatically opens the gate for you as you arrive, eliminating the need to pull a ticket or swipe a credit card.
  • Email Receipts We go the extra mile by emailing your receipt directly to you, ensuring you have a digital record of your transaction.
  • Account Creation  You can create an account in our system, provide your license plate(s) and credit card information, or opt for a prepaid reservation. This convenient system is perfect for all situations, including pandemic safety measures, cold or rainy weather, and more.

    Parking SMART at Park-N-Go has never been more straightforward. Our state-of-the-art tech enhances the convenience of traveling to and from Dayton International Airport.

    The days of holding onto a parking ticket throughout your trip are a thing of the past, thanks to our latest software and hardware upgrades.

    When you choose Park-N-Go for your Dayton airport parking, you’re choosing a smarter, more efficient way to start your journey.

    Experience the future of airport parking with us!

Enjoy First Class Perks

Full Service Valet Features:
24-hr Shuttle & Valet Luggage Assistance
Tire/Battery Emergency Service

Warm-up & Snow Removal
EV/Electric Vehicle Charging available
Premium Wash/Wax & Detailing available
Oil Change and Repairs Available
Rewards Points earn FREE services
AAA, Military and corporate discounts.

*Each car on the lot will be professionally washed and dried with windows cleaned on Wednesday mornings weekly.
ParkNGo Airport Parking, Parking Facilities, Dayton, OH