All of us at Park-N-Go are very proud of the many different services that we provide to our clients, and this is because we understand how important it is for all customers to get much more than just a place to park while they’re traveling through us.


We’ve made sure to compile a large array of services for our car/SUV clients that are bundled into three different categories, including:

Throughout this page we’re going to be delving into the finer details oriented around each of these three options, which will undoubtedly provide you with the transparency you’ll need to better understand the precise value you’ll be getting from each of these options.

So here are the more intricate details oriented around our full-service options!

SILVER Wash ($19-25)

Our SILVER wash is of course our most affordable full-service option, and it’s important to note that each and every one of our clients will be able to get this service at the very least. Our car wash services are no longer only for our valet clients, and we fully understand how important it is to so many travelers to come home after a long trip to a clean and tidy vehicle!


Here are the features that coincide with our SILVER Wash:

Wash, Rinse & Dry Exterior & Windows

This may seem like rather basic car cleaning methods, but it actually is a lot more intricate than most people would think. This service isn’t something that can be done too quickly as it may lead to unsightly streaks on windows that will make the vehicle seem less clean than it actually is.


Our team will always conduct these basic services with precision to better ensure that your vehicle’s exterior looks great!

Clean & Dress Wheels/Tires

Cleaning and dressing your vehicle’s wheels/tires is obviously something that goes above and beyond even most commercial car washes, but at Park-N-Go we make sure that even the dirtiest parts of your car’s exterior are thoroughly cleaned.


We understand how this goes a long way in terms of making your car look great, so we’re more than happy to put this intricate cleaning into our SILVER package!

Spray Wax & Shine

Our special spray wax and hand-shine will give your vehicle a wonderful luster and polish.  It’s rare to find such fine craftsmanship in a “basic” wash, but that’s how we do things here at Park-N-Go.  You’ll love how your car looks when we’re done with it!

Wipe Door Jams

Door jams are a typically overlooked portion of a vehicle that’s being cleaned professionally, and our team will certainly not overlook this crucial area of your car. We know just how important it is to have your car’s door jams cleaned on a regular basis, so we’ll be sure to wipe them down for you while you’re away!

GOLD Ultra Wash & Vacuum($34-44)

Our GOLD wash is our medium-priced option, and it includes everything that comes with the SILVER wash as well as the following:

Vacuum of Mats, Floor, Seats & Trunk

This is one of the most important interior cleaning jobs for any vehicle, and we’re proud to provide this type of vacuuming to our GOLD wash customers. Everyone knows this always goes a really long way in terms of making your car much cleaner so it’s a great service provided at a great price!

We also DEEP-CLEAN the floor mats!

Wipe Dashboard

Wiping down your dashboards may not take too long to do, but it of course goes a really long way in terms of giving your vehicle that extra bit of interior shine that indicates that it’s been professionally cleaned!

Clean Inside of Windows

This of course goes much further than the window washing from the SILVER wash in that you’ll have thoroughly cleaned windows within your vehicle’s interior. A lot of car owners forget how important it is to clean the inside of their windows, so when you utilize our services we’ll be able to get this portion of your vehicle thoroughly cleaned and looking great!

PLATINUM Detail ($199-219)

Our PLATINUM detail is by far our most comprehensive cleaning option for our clients, and it goes a very long way when you choose this option. On top of everything that you’d get in the GOLD Wash, you’ll also obtain the following:

Disinfect & Deodorize Interior

This always goes a really long way when it comes to making your car smell brand new after a professional cleaning job, So this is always something you’ll be sure to obtain when you utilize our PLATINUM option.

Clean & Dress Interior, Dashboard, Console, Vents, Door panels

This goes so much further than the GOLD wash interior cleaning because you’ll be sure to get a very thorough detailing of every single inch of your car’s interior. We’ll be sure to make your vehicle look and feel brand new after this portion of our cleaning.

Shampoo/Protect All Fabric/Carpet

This service goes above and beyond most expectations of most commercial car details, and it really does wonders when you take proper care of your vehicle’s fabrics and carpets. These portions of your car are likely to get very dirty from frequent foot traffic, so getting them professionally cleaned will help a ton! 

Clean & Dress Leather/Vinyl Seats

You’ll be amazed by how incredible our cleaning team is in terms of making leather seats look brand new! We know that this is something that all of our PLATINUM detail customers look forward to, because after a long day of traveling it feels great to sit in a driver’s seat that’s been protected!

The last three tasks we’ll complete with our PLATINUM Detail are:

  • Clean Engine & Dress Hoses
  • Dress Exterior Plastic
  • Hand Wax, Polish & Apply Paint Sealant

So as you can see our PLATINUM option really does a lot in terms of a professional car cleaning, and we’re always getting incredible reviews about these cleaning services and are very proud of our esteemed cleaning team!

We understand how difficult it can be for so many busy people to get an oil change during regular business hours, so we’re more than happy to do these types of services for your vehicle when you’re away from town and obviously won’t need your vehicle!

Oil Changes ($39.95 and up)

Park-N-Go Offers Basic and Synthetic Oil Change Services

Park-N-Go also provides two oil change options for cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. These two options include:

  • Basic Oil ($39.95 and up)
  • Synthetic Oil ($58.49 and up)
The oil changes are completed by the fine professionals at National Auto Lube, just down the street from Park-N-Go, and we pass their pricing along to you with no mark-up!   They even give us a 10% discount because we do so much business together.  (Price subject to local sales tax and 10% airport tax)
The “and up” means if you have a larger vehicle that takes more oil, the price goes up.  Also if it needs regular, synthetic blend or full synthetic, National Auto Lube will follow the manufacturer specifications and make sure you get exactly the right oil, but the price may vary accordingly.

Discount Airport Parking Services Are Available 

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Park-N-Go Now Offers Dayton Ohio Long-Term Parking

We are now offering long term parking and vehicle storage option. With our convenient secure location, we make long term auto storage hassle free. 

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