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Airport Parking

ParkNGo Airport Parking, Parking Facilities, Dayton, OH

4.9-star rated with ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ reviews from over 1350 loyal customers.

Conveniently located at 1140 W National Rd, next to Airport Toyota

Fast 4-minute Shuttle runs 4am – 1am/last flight.

Friendly door-to-door service. We even carry your bags!

Reservations are not required, but it's nice to know you have a spot waiting 🙂

The Dayton Airport opens daily at 4am. No need to book earlier. Our shuttle starts at 4am.


Economy SelfPark

Was $7.99/day, NOW ONLY

$6.99/day +tax

Enter gate & park your car

Touchless Smart Parking

Fast 4-minute Shuttle Service
Door-to-Door before you Soar
Luggage Assistance
Tire/Battery Emergency Service


Full-Service Valet

Was $12/day, PREPAY ONLY

$9.99/day +tax

Park at our front door
WARMUP & Snow Removal
Summer A/C Cool Down
Wash/Vac/Wax/Detail available
 Fast 4-minute Shuttle Service
Luggage Assistance
Tire/Battery Emergency Service


Premium Upgrades

Available for VALET Customers

starting at just $29

Interior or Exterior Detail
Full In/Out Detailing
Reg/Synthetic Oil Change
Local Mechanic & Dealership Maintenance and Repairs
EV – Electric Vehicle Charging

Rewards Points earn FREE parking and other services.

4 minutes to the terminal!

Park-N-Go is the highest-rated parking facility for Dayton air travelers, utilizing a combination of world-class technology and small-town, friendly, personal service to delight our customers as we take great care of them and their vehicles.
Park-N-Go is the fastest and most convenient option for Dayton International Airport parking, just outside the terminal. Our location is easy to find, at 1140 West National Road, next to Airport Toyota. We are just 4 minutes from the terminal by shuttle. We provide fast, free shuttle service to the airport 4am to 1am, or whenever the last flight gets in.  You’re simply safer with Park-N-Go.  We’ll never leave you stranded. We will assist you with your luggage, and you will get to the terminal quickly and without any hassle. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. We have many excellent ratings and testimonials  online so it’s no secret our customers love Park-N-Go!

Although the airport’s parking lots may seem closer to the terminal than our lots, our customers repeatedly tell us they receive faster, EASIER service at Park-N-Go.  We commonly hear “I’ll never park at the airport again!”  So although Park-N-Go’s lot isn’t a part of the official airport property, you’ll end up getting to your check-in or security gate a lot more efficiently when you utilize our industry leading services!

Our second location at 2700 W National Rd is permanently closed and has been sold to a gas station operator.

We Make Dayton International Airport Parking Easy

At Park-N-Go, we offer many features and amenities when you use our Dayton International Airport parking lot. We are located directly across the street from the airport runways and provide transportation to get you to the terminal quickly and efficiently. Our lot is located in a less congested area, so you won’t need to deal with heavy airport traffic. The shuttle from our lot to the airport is available on-demand 24/7. Our shuttle driver will load your luggage, and you will be at the terminal in just 4 minutes. When you return to Dayton, just call for the shuttle and we’ll be there quickly.  We offer two types of parking, including economy and valet. Both options include a parking space in our secure lot, 24/7 Fast Service Shuttle to and from the airport, and help with your luggage. We offer tire and battery emergency services. Our valet parking includes full valet services with vehicle warm-up and snow removal. As a Park-N-Go rewards member, you will receive points on your parking that you can use toward free services.

When it comes to convenience, there truly is no comparison to the airport’s parking options and Park-N-Go. This is why we’ve become the leader for Dayton International Airport parking, and a lot of our success has to do with our client satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals. Many times when we ask one of our new clients how they heard about us and they say their friend told them about how we’re the best in town. We know that customer experience is everything when it comes to parking at the airport and being a better option than the standard lots, and at Park-N-Go we strive everyday to exceed expectations and uphold our very high company standards towards high-quality, affordable traveling in and out of Dayton.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Upgrade

At Park-N-Go, we provide Dayton International Airport parking at reasonable rates. We offer some features and amenities that you won’t find at other parking lots. Choose from smart economy self park, or full-service valet services, based on your particular needs. Our fantastic, personal service saves you time and effort. Pull up to our Smart Park system and we will automatically check you in based on your reservation as the gate is raised. Our 24/7 Fast Shuttle Service is standing by to provide  luggage assistance and whisk you away to airline check-in. Our valet services also allow you to get a premium car wash, oil change, or full detailing while you are away. We offer warm-up and snow removal services in the winter.

So when it comes down to it, Park-N-Go is stepping up its services to more adequately maintain our standing as the premium parking option for Dayton’s travelers. When you reap the benefits of both our affordability and high-quality services, you’ll likely never park in the airport “walking” lots ever again! Our unbridled effort for each and every one of our clients is what has set us apart since our beginnings back in the 80’s, and today our renowned reputation only continues to grow!

Park-N-Go is fast, safe, easy & built for business

Park-N-Go’s services are designed for business travelers. From our fast check-in to emailed receipts, rewards points, available car wash and other services, we are faster and more convenient than parking at the airport. We also offer corporate rates, and your rewards points can be cashed in for free parking or full detailing.

Many different companies throughout Dayton rely upon us to provide their employees with an efficient, reliable start to traveling days, and this is something we take very seriously. We know how important it is for business travelers to keep themselves on the go and keep up with their hectic schedules, and our team is here to make those sometimes chaotic traveling moments much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Park-N-Go’s services are also oriented around helping families and recreational travelers as well, because having a safe and reliable parking experience is something that all travelers really need!

Park-N-Go keeps you safe

Any time, day or night, Park-N-Go is always there to take good care of you and your vehicle. Don’t ever worry about being alone with a snow-covered car, dead battery or flat tire. We’re always here for you!

When you park SMART at Park-N-Go you’re going to ensure the overall safety of your vehicle while you’re away much more than with standard airport parking lots/garages, and this is mainly because with us you’ll be leaving your car with well-paid experts who truly care about the security and longevity of our clients’ cars.

You’ll be surprised by how often one of our clients will come to us in a bind when they arrive back in Dayton after their business/recreational trip, and that’s exactly why we’ve hired a team of experts who can always assist you when the unexpected occurs!

Touchless Smart Parking

For our customers’ safety and convenience, we have created the Smartest Economy lot in Ohio. Our state of the art license plate recognition software will automatically open the gate for you and process your transaction without any need to pull a ticket or swipe a credit card. We even email your receipt. To enable this, you create an account on our system including your license plate(s) and credit card, or make a prepaid reservation. This is great in a pandemic, cold/rainy weather, or really any time! 

Parking SMART at Park-N-Go has now never been easier, and there’s no doubt about it that our cutting-edge technology makes traveling to and from the Dayton International Airport much more convenient. The days of grabbing a ticket and keeping it in your car throughout your trip are officially over with our latest software and hardware upgrades!

Enjoy First Class Perks

Full Service Valet Features:
24-hr Shuttle & Valet Luggage Assistance
Tire/Battery Emergency Service

Warm-up & Snow Removal
EV/Electric Vehicle Charging available
Premium Wash/Wax & Detailing available
Oil Change and Repairs Available
Rewards Points earn FREE services
AAA, Military and corporate discounts.

ParkNGo Airport Parking, Parking Facilities, Dayton, OH