Due to COVID-19, we are open “by appointment only”.
Please email your itinerary to Brian@DaytonParking.com
or fill out the form below
and I’ll personally take care of you.


We are using ONLY our original location at
1140 W National Rd, Vandalia OH 45377

Price is $5.95 per day for economy self-park, or $12 if you prefer valet parking (with available car wash, full detailing or oil change for additional charges)

Thanks for your business!

Brian West, owner

Additional thoughts:
We hope to be back to “normal” (or a new normal) by August 1st, and I (like each of you) am trying to figure things out on a daily basis. This “by appointment only” approach has worked well since May 15th and is quickly becoming a full-time job. As it grows, I will bring in additional help so that we can continue to provide fantastic, personal service to our beloved customers.

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